Here are some options for air strippers I make. I am constantly working on new designs and
developing new ideas. If you have an air rifle or pistol and would like something other than
a regular style air stripper let me know and we can talk about the options.
Because the majority of my orders have custom options requested,
the LDC's are now priced on request.

Custom made air stripper for Air Arms S410.
My middle sized air stripper.
My larger air stripper is availble in 9mm, .308, and .45 calibers.
This is the prototype I have been working on for the Marauder owners, they are now available
for order,if you would like something for your Marauder let me know what you want and I will
work with you and give you a very fair price.

I now have some larger diameter CF tube, only a few pieces to see what demand is like for it.
If you are interested the tube is slightly larger than my normal 1 1/2 inch diameter LDC's,
this is 1 1/2 internal diameter giving a little more effect. Here is a picture of one attached
to my Pneuma

I have just finished a prototype for the Condor and it is indoor quiet on full power and now
available in aluminum or carbon fiber.

I have added titanium as an option now when selecting the LDC material. If you are interested
in a Ti LDC, the cost will be a little extra, so let me know when ordering.


Important Notice!

These products are designed and manufactured to be used strictly for airguns. It is a violation of Federal law to use these products in a manner inconsistent with their stated usage.
  Please see the recent court ruling which distinguishes
airgun LDC's and moderators from firearms suppressors.